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6 Bottles in a pack CaliExtrax-2500MG-gummies-6ct In order to create this innovative new product, Cali Extrax mixed certain well-known and

Chapo 3500mg Gummies-6ct

Amount: 20 pieces Strength: 3,500mg Suggested Use: Consume 1 Gummy to establish individual tolerance. Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Distilled Water, Pectin, Citric Acid, Sodium, Citrate, Natural Flavoring, Coloring (Soy Lecithin, Propylene Glycol, FD&C Pink 4209) Delta 8 THC Live Resin (107.5mg/serving, 2,150mg/container), Delta 10 THC (40.5mg/serving, 810mg/container), PHC (26mg/serving, 520mg/container), THC-P (.5mg/serving, 10mg/container), THC-B (.5mg/serving, 10m/container).

Chapo Disposable 3 Gram

Charger: USB-C (Not included). Size: 3-Grams | 3 ml Suggested Use: 1-2 puffs to establish individual tolerance Ingredients: THCB, THCP, PHC, Delta 10 THC, Live Resin, and Terpenes.

Cali Reserve Liquid Diamond Disposables | 3g | 6 per pack

  • 3 Gram Rechargeable Disposable
  • Made From Liquid Diamonds Live Resin Extraction
  • Potent Combo Of THC-X + THC-P + HDXY 11 + Delta-8
  • Live Resin Terpenes For Max Flavor
  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant

Lava Pre-Roll-1000mg/12 per box

When we examined the genetics of this Forbidden V CBDV hemp flower strain and then got the word that this


7 grams of Premium exotic Organic hemp flower dipped in pure HHC, then rolled in CBG exotic blonde kief. Trimmed with no stems or seeds.

Happi Delta 10 THC Disposable 2ml Vape Pen – 10CT Per Box

From the creators of Kush Burst & Pure Clear. Happi Disposable Vape Pens contain approximately 2000MG of premium-grade Delta 10

Urb D8 + D10 Vegan Gummies | 1750mg – 1 Piece/ Bag


Urb Delta 8 + Delta 10 Vegan Gummies | 1750mg

A convenient and delicious way to consume Delta 8 THC. Urb Finest Flowers gummies are available in Birthday Cake, Green Apple, Strawnana Smoothie, Watermelon, and Tropical Lush. Each Urb delta 8 gummie contains 50mg delta 8 per gummy and a total of 35 pieces.

Urb D8 + D10 Vegan Gummies 1750mg Flavors

  • Birthday Cake
  • Watermelon
  • Tropical Lush
  • Strawnana Smoothie
  • Green Apple

Urb Delta 8 + Delta 10 Gummies 1750mg

  • Vegan
  • Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 THC Blend
  • Gluten Free
  • Non GMO
  • Made in a USA GMP Facility